Where we have been so far…

We had our first appointment to meet our RE on the day after Easter. It seemed like a good day for new beginnings. We met our doctor, then his tech, then the nurse who is our contact thorugh all of this. I went thorugh a complete pelvic exam with ultrasound and cath check. Not fun…. but I just kept telling myself it would be worth it in the end. Scoop just held my hand and kept repeating that she was glad it was not her on the table. Our nurse gave us a whole checklist of things we had to have done. Bloodwork twice( once for health, once for the CD3 hormones), a mammogram, and HSG and a saline sonogram. Scoop also had to do bloodwork and then the two of us have to go through a counseling session since we are using donor sperm. The last stop for us was with the financial department.

This was the crushing blow for us. Because the hospital I am employed by is a Catholic organization,  they won’t approve any insurance claims for fertility treatment. This puts all the expenses out of pocket for us. They then outlined the cost.  We had in our heads how much this would run us per cycle, but when added to that cost was several thousands of dollars a month, it just wasn’t possible. We went home and cried for a couple of days. Then Scoop checked with her employer, and since we live in NJ where we can have a Civil Union, I could be added to her insurance. The downside to this is we get taxed on what they pay through the federal government since they don’t recognize our marriage. But we weighed it out and now as of July I will be covered under her plan.

All of our testing is done except the counseling which will be next Monday. I am anxious to see what that is all about. Then we are waiting to meet with the doctor and see what our plan will be. Hopefully we will be making a baby this summer!


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