Grandma and signs

Friday, May 23, was my 37th birthday. It was also the day we had to say goodbye to my grandma. She was 104 years old and the most amazing woman you could ever meet. She had a sense of peace and a sense of humor I would only hope to achieve in my lifetime. She knew the true meaning of the word blessing, and she was such a blessing herself to anyone who got the honor to meet her. She was greatly loved and will be greatly missed.


I had always said if I had a little girl I would name her Annie after my grandma. Luckily Scoop is in full agreement. Grandma loved Scoop and considered her a granddaughter too. 

After our meeting on Monday with the psychologist, on the way home from having dinner, we went under an overpass where someone had spray-painted the name Annie. I remeber seeing it and wondering if it was a sign. Then on Tuesday when I was working there was a beautiful little girl shopping and her name was…. you guessed it…. Annie. Then on Wednesday, I was looking in a pattern book and there was one of those dogs that you have people sign. The name written in the middle was Annie.

I was starting to wonder on Friday if they were just there to make me think about Grandma or if they were something more. Then yesterday while Scoop and I were running errands, we went into an Irish shop at the mall. Right as we were about to walk out, a rag doll in an irish sweater and kilt caught my eye. I picked it up to see the price on it, and the tag came with a name…. Annie.

I think Grandma is watching out for us. She knew about our trying to have a child. I think she is sending us signs. Our own angel. I have to have faith.


I love you Grandma and I miss you. Rest in peace.


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