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The waiting game

We have been waiting for Scoops insurance to kick in on July first for me so that we aren’t paying for everything out of pocket. In some ways it feels like July is never going to get here. This is something we have wanted for so long that putting it off longer seems so wrong. Then the next minute it seems like July is coming so fast, and are we ready for all of this? We went out for dinner last night and discussed scheduling and all, and it seemed so unreal. This is really happening and will be happening soon.

Come on July.


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Finally some good news! Our donor sperm is on the way!!!

We got the donor we wanted!


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jumping through hoops

It feels like every step we take foreward brings more hoops to jump through.

We were told to order our donor samples. Exciting news. We ordered long profiles on 5 donors and finally decided on the one. Our RE’s office asked me who we were using ( which bank) and I told themand they said they had dealt with them many times so it would be no problem. Now wouldn’t you think ifthey have dealt with them many times before they would know that a physicians consent is needed to place an order? So Scoop drove a copy of the consent over earlier today and I called my nurse to make sure she got it. So now I called to place an order, and my RE’s has not sent the consent yet!!!!!! So here I am stuck until they fax it.

I have a big fear that our donor will be gone when I call to order now. I have been compulsively checking his status online.

If this part is making me nutty I can’t imagine next month.

On the plus side I talked to the pharmacy that will be doing my injectables and they told me my copay will be $25 a month. That is a huge relief.

Hopefully we will have more pluses and less hoops.

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Yesterday I called my RE’s office since all of our testing should be in to see what our next step is. They are going to start me right out on the injectable hormones and the trigger shot. I’m a little nervous about that, but I know it will up our chances.

I called Scoop and told her that the RE was calling in the prescription and we had to make our final choice of donor and get 4 samples sent to the office. We will be ready to go for our first IUI in July.

Then the nerves set in. As sure as I am that we are ready for this, I suddenly got very nervous. Am I ready to be a mom? Can we really do this?

Then at Scoops softball game last night I was asked to watch Cody. He is a 9 week old bundle of cuteness. When her started fussing in his stroller I picked him up and he settled right in happy as could be. Between innings Scoop came and stole him from me. She was so cute with him. It just brought into mind… yes we can do this.

Now we wait.

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