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Most beautiful sound ever!

We had our second ultrasound today and we have a heartbeat! It was so cool… you could see the area moving on the u/s then the doc clicked on it and you could hear it in the room. It was sooo awesome!!!!! We got a printout of the heartbeat as well as the one of Pari. We couldn’t stop grinning as we were leaving the office. There was a woman sitting near where you check out and she was laughing at the two of us. I couldn’t help but to mentally pass on good luck vibes to her that she will be joining us in the grinning mommas club soon.

As of today Paris stats are 5mm long measuring exactly on track at 6 weeks 1 day with a heartbeat of 124 bpm.




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Stressful night

Last night was quite the pile’o’ stress for me. When I got home from work at 11:30pm I went to feed the cats. Kiona was ready and waiting , but no Kayleigh to be found. She is not really our food motivated cat so I wasn’t too worried. Scoopy got home and I mentioned Kayleigh was missing. Then she told me that Kayleigh hadn’t come out for dinner Monday night either. That is when I started thinking that she hadn’t been in the bathroom with me yesterday morning when I was getting ready for work. She loves to hang in the bathroom with you cause she has a captive audience. Then I started to worry. We tore the house apart hunting for her. Then we came to the conclusion that she must have gotten outside.

Kayleigh has been an indoor cat her entire life. She has never been out except in a cat carrier to go to the vet. Where we live, we are 3 houses from over 200 acres of woods. Woods that are filled with foxes and bears and hawks. Things that would love a little kitty snack. So we went out with flashlight hunting for her. After an hour we had to give up. It was too dark. We came home and went to bed.

I could not sleep at all. Around 3 am I finally drifted off only to have nightmares about my poor kitty. Scoop woke me up because I was screaming in my sleep. At 6:30 I got up to go wander the neighborhood again calling for Kayleigh. No luck.

Then around 10 am I was getting ready to get in the shower so I could go down to the local pound to file a missing cat report I decided to give it one more try. I went to our deck and called her again and lo and behold a little head popped up out of the woods at the back of our property. I ran out and got her and picked her up and cuddled her all the way into the house. She is no worse for the wear and seems happy and healthy.

And I can finally breathe again.

Sorry that was long. Thanks for reading if you made it through the saga.

On the Pari front…. next U/S is Friday. Can’t wait to see this little one again!


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Just for the heck of it… some of our family so far


This is Murphy , the big Irish mutt. He currently rules the house. The couch, bed and floor are all his, but sometimes he lets us share.



This is Rylee, our ancient girl. She is 14 years old and has had a stroke ( or maybe more than one) But she is the sweetest girl on the planet. In the background is Kayleigh, one of our two cats. She is the one most likely to be standing on your sensitive places at 2 in the morning.

This is Kiona. She is the loudest, most demanding cat you will She is also one of the friendliest. She thinks she is a dog. She greets strangers at the door and plays guard cat.

This is Kensu. He is an African Grey Parrot. He is about 5 years old, and he talks all the time. I can’t wait to hear him start to mimic our baby.

 This is the two of us and a giant baloon dog. I ( Kennedy) am on the left and Scoopy is on the right.

And this is the first picture of our newest family member. Scoopy refers to them as Pari , the human parasite. Hopefully there will be a lot more pictures to come!


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Back from the first ultrasound

Well… there is thankfully only one little bugger in there. Guess it must just be a monster baby, because my HCG levels are still measuring about 2 weeks ahead of where they should be. So far though everything looks fine. We go for the next one next Friday and by then we should be able to see the heartbeat. That will be so cool!

Still no news on my job. Starting to worry about that more than I probably should. On the plus side, my cousin is doing a little better. He is sitting in a chair for short periods and talking, and they think he will come off dialysis. Thank God for that. I still think its my Grandma looking down and taking care of all of us.

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So I have been bad about updating again…

Sorry about that. I have been so tired lately that thinking straight isn’t really happening.

Things are still going well I think. My hcg numbers are still doubling way faster than 48 hours. That is the nice part about my job… I can check things like that at work. We go in Friday morning for our first ultrasound ( and third “official” hcg) just to see how things are progressing in there. hopefully all will look good with the little bugger.

On the work front I am kind of in limbo right now. I am the shift supervisor for the evening and night shifts. Already we are wayyy understaffed, and now my overnight tech has put in his notice. When I talk to the big boss, all I get is ” We have plenty of time to figure out what we are going to do” Well I know what I am going to do. I am going to call her on his first night gone and inform her that she has no one to run the lab at this hospital. Maybe that will put some urgency under her butt.

I actually would like the night shift position because believe it or not it would let me see more of my wife than I do now. It would also prevent us from having to worry about daycare. I could also leave my part time job because of the shift differential. Keep your fingers crossed for us that this some how all works out. I have a history of getting screwed by this place , so I am not counting on anything, but it would be nice.

Also if anyone has some extra vibes or prayers out there , my cousin Christopher could sure use them. He is a 20 year old diabetic in pretty bad shape in the hospital right now. He could really use a miracle by the sounds of it.

Thats all the news for now from my corner of the world.

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Second beta results

Well on Wednesday the nurse told me that for my beta today they would like to see it go up by 50%. So we were hoping for the 270-300 range. True doubling would be great… and put us at a 360.

Well that wasn’t good enough for me apparently. My little overachevier reached a 603. Yup. 603.

Now they want to do an ultrasound next week to see how many are in there.


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First beta in!!!!!

183!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It worked! This cycle actually worked!!! And my number is awesome! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited I am all wiggly.


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