Mini breakdown day

It all started with the snow. Yup. Snow. On Tuesday during the day we had 3-4inches of the stuff fall mixed with some nice freezing rain. I woke up around 1pm ( the joys of working nights) to discover we had no electricity, and hence, no water and no heat.  I figured not a big deal… it should be back on soon. Then I watched out the window from my bed as the snowplow came down our street and stopped…. right in front of our house. I thought this was wierd because we are about 5 houses from the end of the dead end. So I looked closer. Next door one of the trees had fallen and was blocking the road. I watched as trucks from the town came out and looked at the tree. See…. no problem they were gonna take care of it and I will have power back soon. Nope. Trucks left. Tree still in road.

When Scoop got home we took Kensu ( our parrot) down to her moms so that he wouldn’t freeze. Then we went out for dinner and she dropped me off at work. I was thinking in the morning we will have power. Wrong again. So Scoop called out of work and we went out for breakfast and then home so I could go to bed. I fell asleep thinking when I wake up the power should be back. The tree is now gone so they will fix the lines this afternoon. Guess I should stop thinking about having power again.

Woke up at 7pm. No power. Went back to sleep til 9. No power. At this point I got up and decided to get ready for work. Now on Tuesday before I went to bed I put clothes in the washer so I could throw them in the dryer when I got up. We had been really busy lately and were way behind on laundry. I am now wearing my last pair of clean scrubs and my last pair of clean socks. If I don’t have power tomorrow I go to work as Lady Godiva for Halloween early.

When I decided I absoluely needed to wash my hair I could only do it with the gallon jugs of ater we bought so we could flush the toilets. The problem is my house is now 51 degrees inside and I think the water was closer to 40 degrees. By the time I got my hair wet, soaped and rinsed I was sobbing over the edge of the bathtub. I have never been so cold in my entire life which is saying a lot being from Minnesota. That is how Scoop found me when she got home.

She bundled me up on the couch with three blankets and gave me burgers she had picked up for dinner since we can’t cook anything. I cried all though dinner. I didn’t want to have to change out of my fleece I was wearing to get into scrubs because it was so cold. I was actually happy to come to work so I would be warm.

So say a prayer for us that we get power back soon . This pregnant lady needs her creature comforts.


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  1. wishinghopingpraying

    Poor thing! It sounds dreadful. Being from CA I have never expereinced the joys of snow. It always sounded magical but now I am starting to wonder…. stay warm and snug.

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