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Or maybe beyond crabby. I don’t even want to be around myself lately. I think things are feeling a little out of control for me right now. All I want to do is sleep. If I could I would sleep 24 hours a day. I would rather sleep than eat, or watch TV or talk to anyone. It is bad.

I am gonna go hibernate until the crabby goes away.


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Merry Christmas to All

The next few days are going to be busy. Christmas Eve at the Aunts house tomorrow night, Christmas Day at my MIL’s , then another Christmas gathering on Saturday. With all this I am still working the overnight shift every night this week.

Seems like Christmas snuck up on me this year. I didn’t do any baking, hardly and decorating or shopping and if it wasn’t for Scoop no cards would have left our house this year.

I keep thinking about how different Christmas will be for us next year. We will have a 7 month old to see the holidays new though. I am excited for the years to come. For Santa to be real again, for getting to see the wonder of playing in snow and seeing the tree all done up with lights. For making memories of our family.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

and to all a good night.

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18 week OB appointment

18 weeks. Wow. Almost halfway. It was an interesting appointment to say the least. I lost more weight. I am now down over 15 pounds from where I started all this. My nurse yelled at me and told me I need to eat. But I do eat. A lot for me actually. It made me kind of sad.

I asked my OB when I was going to start to actually look pregnant. He told me that to him I do and I am right on schedule, but I am still in my pre-preg jeans and a lot of days needing a belt to keep those on. I want my bump! *sigh* I know I have to be patient.

I also asked about my sleeping. I thought by now I was suppoed to have that energy kick in. Nope. Not happening. In fact… if I am left undisturbed I will sleep for 20 hours. Yup. 20. Like a whole day. Some times on the weekends I get up for an hour or two, then I am so exhausted I have to go take a nap. I think it is sheer will power getting me through a shift at work right now.

But my OB thinks I am okay. He says I am not anemic and I don’t have issues with my blood sugar and I am just reacting the way my body needs to to get through this pregnancy. Pari is growing and seems to be right on track.

Just seems I can’t ever be “normal” in anything my body does.

The big u/s is scheduled for January 6th. Altough we already know what Pari is it is always good to get a look at our little one.

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bonus ultrasound today!

Scoop has been a little worried the last few days for some unknown reason. She says she doesn’t know why, but she hasn’t seen Pari in a month and is getting restless. So I asked my friend Karen in ultrasound here at the hospital to take a look for us.

To Scoops relief everythiing looked beautiful. Our little Pari was sticking its tongue out and everything. Then as we watched, Pari found its hand and started sucking its thumb! Sooo cute! We also got a confirmation on the sex, which matches what we were told at 12 weeks at the NT scan, but we aren’t telling yet. You will have to stay tuned til christmas to get that bit of news.

So all is well and good here. Hope the same can be said four you and yours.


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Back home again

After a nice relaxing week at my parents house in Minnesota, I am now back home and back at work again.

It was so nice to be hoe with my family. I spent lots of time with mom and dad ( including dad and I putting in a new bathroom floor) and I got to see 3 of my aunts and one cousin. I also got a whole day with my best friend who was also home to see her parents. I also go to eat my dads turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving. It was something I was very thankful for. My dad is a great cook. He even made greenbean casserole just for me.

I told mom and dad about Pari. I thought I was being really clever, so I got them a picture frame that said grandchild and had a cute little saying and I put a copy of Paris 12 week u/s picture in it. I gave it to my mom who unwrapped it and spent time reading the caption and looking at the picture. Then she looked at me and said ” this is nice….. but what is the picture of?” “Your grandchild”, I replied. That got me a couple more moments of silence. Then she finally said , ” you’re actually pregnant?” After that things sunk in and mom and dad were very happy. Turns out my mom had never seen an u/s picture before so to her it was just a nice abstract black and white picture. Now it is displayed on top of their piano, waiting to be replaced with a baby picture come May.

On other news, I finally gave notice at my part time job. I am being offered overtime here at the hospital and I canĀ  make as much in one shift ass I do in 2 weeks at my other job. I haven’t been happy there in a while, and the work was pretty physical and exhausting to me lately so I am happy to being saying goodbye.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

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