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Ultrasound number 9

Yup. My 9th one this pregnancy. I received a phone call on Tuesday morning that my OB wasn’t happy with the shots of Annies spine from our big ultrasound and they wanted me back for another shot at it. So this morning Scoopy and I headed back to the office for another peek at our little girl. She is getting so big. I am measuring one day ahead of where I should be. Everything looked good. She was busy hunting for her thumb again and we got a peek at that and some good profile shots. Scoopy says she has my nose. :o)

As far as emotionally for me things are going kind of okay. I had a big breakdown the other night. After a hard cry, I kind of felt numb for awhile, then I felt a little better. I am trying to stay up a little longer in the mornings to see some sunlight, and I think it may be helping a bit. I am hoping things continue on an upward swing for a while.

We also did something silly. We found out a couple of days ago that the B-52s are coming to our local community theater in May. One week before our due date. We decided to take a chance and got tickets. When Scoopy called to get the tickets they offered her 4th row. She had to turn them down and told them that since I was pregnant and mostly due that we wanted seats on an aisle where it wouldn’t be a big deal if we had to leave. So we are in the 5th row of the balcony on the aisle. We are quite excited as it is a really small theater and the back row is still closer than you would get at most venues. We figure we won’t have a problem giving the tickets away if we can’t use them.

Thats it for now. Off to bed with me.


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things going on

This is not a really happy post so feel free to skip it.

From some of my previous posts you may know this pregnancy has been really hard on me. I am someone who has had some problems with depression for years now. From time to time I have been on meds when things get really bad. When we decided to get pregnant, I went off of my meds last November so that I would be off for at least 6 months before trying. My GP thought it was a bad idea. He actually told me he hoped I would change my mind and stay on the meds and not get pregnant. I weighed everything carefully, and decided that since I had wanted to be a mom my whole life , it was taking priority for me.

For the most part things have been fine in the last year. Then the pregnancy hormones have combined with the seasonal lack of sunlight and things have been bad. Some days… really bad. I have had many days where I haven’t gotten out of bed except to go to work. I have some problems with emotional management. I cry or get angry for very little reason.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be pregnant. I can’t wait until Annie is here. But I am really really ready not to be pregnant. I know how many people out there want this more than anything, and I know that they might think I am being ungrateful for what I have, but I just wanted to get another side of being pregnant out there.

I have talked to my OB about all this. I was given a prescription for meds, but I am holding off for now. I was reading about the risks to the baby of taking them during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, and we decided to hold off for now because of the chances of problems for Annie. I have them if I need them, but we are just working as a couple to get through this in other ways if we can.

No worries about me doing anything stupid, I just needed to let you know what is going on and why I am so quiet most of the time.  If you made it through all this thanks for reading.


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Good to have friends in the right places

I caught up with my firend Karen the ultrasound tech last night. I told her about my awful experience Tuesday and she agreed to do another scan for me.

It is official…. we are having a girl!

We are so excited. We are gonna name her Annie after my Grandma. I believe she truly had a hand in orchestrating all this ( see posts from last May) so I think it is a great way to honor her. She will be the first of Grandmas grandchildren ( including great and great great) which will share her name.

Everything looked good on her last night. She was laying on her tummy and kicking me in the side with her feet the whole time. She is definately a night owl like me… bad news for her mama who will be home with her at night while I work.

Is it nearly May yet?

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not so big ultrasound

The “big” u/s was this morning. It was awful. Apparently Pari was in a bad place and not cooperating. I got to see the top of the head and the spine, then I had to lay on my side facing away from the monitor for the tech to get the rest of the measurements so I didn’t get to see anything.

Also, Pari was not cooperative so we couldn’t get a final decision on boy or girl, so I am not gonna say a definitely one way of the other yet.

Just another dissapointing day in this pregnancy. I am tired of crying now.


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