not so big ultrasound

The “big” u/s was this morning. It was awful. Apparently Pari was in a bad place and not cooperating. I got to see the top of the head and the spine, then I had to lay on my side facing away from the monitor for the tech to get the rest of the measurements so I didn’t get to see anything.

Also, Pari was not cooperative so we couldn’t get a final decision on boy or girl, so I am not gonna say a definitely one way of the other yet.

Just another dissapointing day in this pregnancy. I am tired of crying now.



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2 responses to “not so big ultrasound

  1. Oh sweetie, I’m sorry 😦 Many hugs and good thoughts coming your way. Pari must just want to really surprise you!

  2. wishinghopingpraying

    I am really sorry. I know you have been disappointed a few times this pregnancy. I hope the second half is joyous, I know the rest of your life with baby will be.

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