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full term now

My 37 week OB appointment went really well today. My doctor thinks we totally made the right choice about my leaving work a week earlier than planned. The swelling in my legs has gone way down and my BP was back to normal. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Tuesday morning and an OB appointment for Tuesday afternoon because he thinks I am having a large baby. Eeek! I have only gained 5 pounds this whole pregnancy and he thinks she could be over 8 1/2 pounds! So after we get the measurements checked we will decide our plan of action.

Scoop has been off of work the last couple of days and we have been working on getting the nursery ready to paint. I have done all the baby laundry and have most of the stuff together for my suitcase to take to the hospital, so slowly out check list is getting done.

We had a couple of more showers in the last week. At my work they had bagels for a breakfast shower on my last morning. It was nice. Then at Scoops parttime job they had a surprise shower for us on Sunday night. We had the most awesome cake! One of the women who works in the bakery made it for us. It was a baby carriage made all out of cake and fondant with sugar cookie wheels. It was amazing.  I will try to include a picture below.

Other than that it has just been hotter than hot here. In the 90’s in April does not seem to bode well for a nice summer. We had no spring. I went from my winter coat to shorts and a tshirt in less than a week. Tonight it is finally cooling down a bit so I am hoping for a nicer rest of the week. The heat drains me too fast and I am way not running on full as it is. I am still having a lot of pain in my lower abdomen that leads me to have to lay down several times a day since when it is bad I cannot sit or stand without crying. My doc has no idea whats causing it, but doesn’ seem to be too worried about it since it goes away when I lay down.

In other news, keep some good vibes out there for my friend Melissa. She has been fostering to adopt a family of three, and now it seems their grandmother is trying to get custody. Melissa is sooo good for these kids in ways their grandmother is not even close to ( she has had almost no contact with these kids in a year). And to top it off the weekend she finds this out, she gets in a car accident and has to deal with all that. I am hoping things take a turn for the better for her very very soon.

So I will leave you for now with a cake picture…pm-baby-shower-cake



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hello my honey, hello my baby

Nope, no actual baby yet.

If any one has seen Spaceballs the movie, remember when they are in the diner and the guy at the end of the counter has the Alien experience? The little alien bursts out of his stomach and dons a top hat and cane and starts singing hello my baby as he struts down the counter. I think Annie is practicing to do that.  Her favorite new hobby is to push as hard as she can against the front of my stomach to see if she can work her way out that way. If it doesn’t work she goes back to hobby number two which is trying to rearrange my ribs on the right side to  give herself more leg room.

It’s hard to believe in around a month she will be here on the outside with all the room to stretch that she wants. We still aren’t quite ready ( yup the nursery is still not painted and clean and ready….oops) but I think mentally we get a little more prepared for the reality of a little person in our house everyday. Our shower is this weekend ( yup not a surprise… SIL spilled the beans) so I think that once we have most of our equipment it will really seem real. I am actually looking forward to the shower which is kind of surprising because I don’t like being the center of attention, but I am really happy to get to celebrate this little one with friends and family.

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35/35 and suprise!

Today I am 35/35. That is 35 weeks pregnant and 35 days to go. I can’t believe how fast and how slow it has gone. And to know that she could show up and time now and be perfectly fine is a little overwhelming. I personally hope she decides to hang out for a another 4 weeks at least. We are still working on getting the house together and gathering the important stuff. We still don’t have a carseat, so she needs to hang out inside until we get that done at least!

On Friday morning while working in the lab, I got a call around 3:15 am that I needed to go to the ER to draw blood that they needed on a patient that they couldn’t get. When I worked the evening shift, this was a pretty common request, but since I moved to nights 7 months ago I haven’thad to draw blood even once. I went down to the ER with my phlebotomy tray in hand and ran into the doctor as I walked though the door. “This is probably not going to go well” I said to him, ” I haven’t done this in months”. He responded that it wouldn’t be a problem , he knows I am good at it. So I walked in and asked the nurse who had called me what bed the patient was in. Her response was bed 16, and Janet would take me in and introduce me to the patient. Well my anxiety level jumped 3 notches. Bed 16 is our locked psychiatric bed, and to have to be accompanied by a nurse means the patient is trouble. And to top it off, one of our local police officers was standing leaning on the wall right outside the door. So I geared myself up, walked through the door, and right into a baby shower! They had the whole room decorated with balloons and streamers and table cloths on the stretcher which was covered with food and cake and goodies!!!! I think my jaw hit the floor. When I get copies of the pictures I will share them. I was so overwhelmed, I had no idea they were going to do that.

I hope everyone has a good hoppy bunny day and I will hopefully have more updates soon!

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