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The actual arrivial of Annie Grace

So now we are on to the fun part.

After all my not so fun time in labor, we were off to the OR. First of all Scoopy had to don her fancy suit


I was at the time looking simply smashing myself…100_0010

So off we went. As soon as we got into the OR they were going to move me over to the operating table from my bed when the page sounded ” code blue Labor and Delivery” Scoop was sitting in the hall waiting to be let into the room and was a little freaked out that something had gone wrong. In the room all the nurses were looking at me with panic on their faces. I told them to go and I would just sit on my bed til they got back. All the nurses ran by Scoop in the hall just as my doc walked up to her and asked where they were all going. Turned out to be a false alarm, just a dad in a room who was curious what the blue button over the bed did. I figure he must have been quite surprised.

So with everyone returned to the room I was given my spinal block. It didn’t go quite as it should, and it took them three attempts for it to take. When it did however it worked FAST. They told me to lie down quickly and I didn’t even get down before I couldn’t feel a thing. I was strapped down with my arms out and the drape was put up , then Scoopy was allowed in. Bad sense of humor my wife has, she looks at the position I am lying in and starts singing Jesus Christ Superstar in my ear. Seriously twisted is my Scoopy sometimes.

As far as the actual procedure I couldn’t feel a thing. Except itchy. For some reason my reaction to the spinal was to itch. Just my arms and chest while I was under, then as feeling came back, everything itched. For two days I clawed myself raw in places trying to stop the phantom itch. Not too fun.

So we just sat there chitchatting while we awaited the arrival. I remember thinking I just hope she is cute. It is so hard wondering what she would look like not knowing half of her genetics. But at 4:13 the doc held up over the curtain the prettiest baby I had ever seen. I started crying at how perfect she was, my beautiful little princess. She let out a yowl like nobodies business. She was not happy being evicted from her happy little warm home. The anastesiologist told me she would be a singer with lungs like that. They took her and Scoop over the the corner to get her washed up, then they let Scoop bring her back to me. I was still being worked on because the doctor decided while he was in there to remove a cyst that had been giving me a lot of problems. It also turned out to be a good thing that I ended up with a c section because Annie had 2 knots in her cord which would have tightened with pushing and would have probably led to an emergency section anyway.

So things had their way of working out, and in the end we were a family of three and that was the important part.



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back to the beginning

The birth story ( part 1)…

On Tuesday May 19th I had an OB appointment at 2 in the afternoon. I was about 50% effaced and not dilatedat all so we decided to go ahead withthe induction as planned. Scoop and I went off to have dinner at Outback, then home for a little time with the dogs. On our way to the hospital we stopped by the hospital I work in ( the sister hospital to where I delivered) to see my friend Heather who was due 6 weeks after me. ( side note Addison Grace was born July 3rd) We took some belly pics of the two of us, then we went off to labor and delivery.

When we got there, there were three couples all arriving at the same time to be induced. Luckilywe got the nurse Jen who had been sitting in at all of our childbirth classes. It was nice to have someone familiar. We went to our room and got all settled in. After a lot of paperwork and changing into my lovely gown we were good to go. Cervadil was inserted around 9 pm. I was told then that we would see the doctor at 9 am, start the pitocin, and have a baby by Wednesday afternoon. *sigh* the best laid plans.

Wednesday morning the doc arrives. I had been having contractions all night. Nothing terrible, but definitely contractions. Turns out I am still not dilated at all. After some discussion, it is decided we will do another round of Cervadil. So my doctor says he will be back at 9pm, we will start the pitocin then and I will have a baby in the morning. ( Seems I have heard this before.)

Now with the second dose contractions have picked up a lot. My day nurse says that I will probably not even need the pitocin because I am already in labor. I am getting more miserable by the moment. At 4pm my doctors partner arrives to check on one of his patients and my nurse asks him to check me because I am contracting so well. Still not dilated. Nothing. So we wait for my doc at 9. In the mean time Dr. O gives me some morphine so I can relax for awhile. By this time I am sick and not able to keep food down. Not fun to lose your dinner while having contractions. And I am a person who hates throwing up more than anything , so I was not happy.

Nine pm my doc arrives. 100 % effaced. No dilation. None. Zero. He can’t even get in to break my water to progress things along. Time for round three.

At this point Scoopy and I had a discussion about the fact we were pretty sure this kid was not going to come out on her own. I was ready for the possibility of a section, but we waited it out. Our night nurse came back in wondering why we were still there.

So at 9 am on Thursday I am still not dilated. We start the pitocin. More contractions which were lovely, but now I am not allowed to eat or drink anything. I haven’t had anything since I lost dinner the night before, and I am tired and hungry and sick. At 1pm the doctor check me again and says the happy words ” We have an OR booked for you at 3:30″ I was thrilled at that point.  42 hours of labor before the c- section. I knew there would be no way I would be able to push by that point so I was very happy to just get done and have my baby outside with me.

The next post will pick up from the OR. Coming soon I promise.

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many apologies

With all that has transpired bringing this new little life into our family it seems this blog has become terribly neglected. I promise to try to change that. I am going to go back in time to catch everything up to the here and now, so be on the lookout for many posts yet to come. ( and new pictures!)

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