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4 months today

I can’t believe my baby is already 4 months old. Her stats today… 15lb 3oz ( 85th %) 24 1/2 ” ( 50th %) and head was 16 ( 65% I think). I always wonder about the percentiles, cause I don’t think she looks out of proportion. The doctor picked her up to move her from her back to her tummy during the exam and commented how solid she is compared to how she looks. There was another baby in the office with the same birthday who was sooo much smaller in body and bigger in head. Oh well. I think Annie is perfect as she is.

She is getting so much more active now. About a day after I posted about her almost rolling over she successfully flipped herself she is quite the pro at it. This means she will no longer stay on her back. She has always hated it and now she figures she can do something about it. Makes for some more restless nights for mom checking to make sure she is breathing, but I figure we will do that until she is 30.  seriously… when do you stop that. I have to check everytime she gets too quiet, especially in the car. I guess all the news articles about babies dying sleeping in their carseats got to me.

We also did shots today. I think shots are to torture mommy. I can’t stand to have this baby cry. Bad as they were at the time, it was worse when we got home. She went to lay down for her nap and rolled onto her side and hence the spot on her leg where she got the shots. This brought on sudden intense wailing. I felt soooo bad. Lots of extra cuddles for Miss Annie ensued.

In the afternoon we have taken to sitting on the deck after the sun moves off and we have nice shade and a cool breeze. She loves to watch the wind in the trees. We talk about trees and grass and clouds and sky. I will miss those moments when the weather turns too much colder. She is also now really watching the dogs and cats. She will attempt to touch the cats, but not the dogs yet. She likes to sit in her exersaucer because then she is eye to eye with them and with me as I sit on the floor next to her. I want to know who comes up with the music for those things. Very annoying . I think even Annie gets tired of it.

No new pictures today cause I forgot the cable to upload from my camera. I will post more of them soon though.


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The state of things

Working nights with Scoop working days is hard. Really hard.  Yesterday I got a total of 4 hours of sleep. This is broken into to two hour intervals 10 hours apart. Tonight at work I am a walking zombie. I would eat your brain but I am jsut too tired to put out the effort. Oh well. In 3 years she’ll start preschool and I can sleep then.

On the plus side… this Sunday is the Irish Feis at our local fairgrounds. There is a piper band competition that we are hoping to catch. Yup we are wierd that way. I am just hoping Annies dress with the shamrocks still fits her. I would love to see the irish dance competition, but it is at 8:45 in the morning and on a Sunday that is waaaayyyy to early for me when I have to go to work at 11pm.

So now I will leave you with pictures of why it is all worth the no sleep zombieness


In my party dress all ready to party!

annie 13 weeks

Yup… I know I am cute!


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a new schedule

Scoopy went back to work yesterday and Annie and I settled in for a long first day of it being just us at home during the day. I would love to say it all went smoothly…but it didn’t. Started as soon as Scoop left us in the parking lot. She was happy and cuddly and giggling then BAM screaming and tears. Poor baby.

I am actually suprised that I didn’t know her daytime routine better. Naptime was a mess. I couldn’t get her down, then I couldn’t get her to stay down.

We did have our good times too. She played on her playmat for a good long while in the morning, both on her back and on her tummy. She is not really rolling over yet. While on the floor she is much more interested in movement. She turns in circles and scoots all over the place, but no real rolling. She can get from back almost to tummy, but doesn’t even attempt belly to back. Belly is for scootching. I think at this rate she may crawl before she rolls. We attempted to put her exersaucer together too – but discovered we were missing a piece so that is on hold til the company sends it to us. I can’t wait to play with that with her. It has some pretty cool looking toys on it. We had lots of cuddles and stories and songs, but never did get to go on our walk.

Last evening was chiropractor appointments for all three of us. Annie keeps everyone at the office entertained. She likes being adjusted and is a very good girl for it. It is a huge improvement over the harness the peds office wanted her to be put it. Her hips have been perfect since her adjustments.

Well today will be day two. I only got a total of about 4 hours sleep in the last 2 days so we will see how it goes. I am hoping good long naps for both Annie and I.



Rylee watching me play

Rylee watching me play

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