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Belated Happy St Patricks Day

Even though our parade was rained out ( rained….. flooded…. details) we still had a great SPD.

On Saturday we went to build a bear and got Annie Grace a new friend. Then we picked up our friend Natasha and went and joined the family for lunch and music at Molly Malones. Annie liked the music and clapped along. I thought she might cry at the piper, but she was fascinated by them. Thats my good Irish baby!

On the day itself, we went by Mama’s work and impressed everyone  with our walking and stair climbing skills. Our tiny leprechaun is definitely lucky for our family.

Clapping with the music


ready to go to work


My Irish girls


playing with Natasha


going up the stairs


not SPD, showing off my teeth!


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The 9 month post

I am so neglectful with this blog. Seems keeping up with Miss Busyness keeps me from having time to blog.

Now in the middle of her 9th month Annie is such a personality. It is hard to believe now she has been out in the world as long as she was in my belly.  She is so chatty and full of life. She loves to smile and laugh. Peek a boo behind anything is her favorite game. She has even figured out how to “hide” for it by herself. She will take a blanket or a piece of clothing and hold it in front of her face then pull it down and laugh… repeat for minutes on end.

She is also walking now. She has been pulling up and cruising for awhile now. A week ago Monday I was home sick and I was working on her walking with her. I would sit on the floor and put her out at arms length then let her hold my hands and walk back to me. After a bit it was holding with just one hand. Later that evening she was standing by the chair then took 4 steps sideways and one forward. The next night Carol took her to a friends house and she was walking little bits all over the place there. Now she is pretty confidently walking across the living room.

Stair climbing is another new skill.  It takes her a bit, but she can get up our rather long staircase. She has a little trouble negotiating the turn on the landing, but the stairs themselves are fun. The dog and cats are not fond of the gates that have become a necessity. It makes me laugh that I have to get up and open the gate for one of the cats. She tries very unsuccessfully to climb the metal gate , and for some reason is convinced she can’t jump it although she jumps higher to where her food bowl is kept to keep it from our dog.

Annie is also working on her 5th tooth. The 4 she has are very sharp. She likes to come up and rest her head on my knee when I sit in the chair. Yesterday she was all cuddled up and I was rubbing her head and she turned and bit me in the knee. It hurt! 

She does very well with eating. The one thing she is not fond of are peas. I don’t like them either so I don’t blame her. She also is working on drinking from her straw cup. She does better with the straw than with her regular sippy. I think it is hard for her to tip the sippy enough to keep liquid in the spout.

Tomorrow is her first St Patrick’s Parade and lunch at our Irish place with live music. Should be fun. I will have to post pictures of her in her little kilt.

Our big February snow


matching Mama



playing peekaboo around the laptop


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