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how has it been a whole year?

My little girl is now one. I can’t believe it. She is such an amazing little person I can’t believe that she has gone from completely helpless to rather independent and stubborn ( persistent as my mom says) in one short year.

Annie has been developing quite the vocabulary. She uses doggie, kitty, hi, bye,ball, keys, baby ( she signs as she says it) Abby , Cookie and today added Elmo , and Blue and Blues Clues ( complete with the hand motions) and she uses signs for more and all done. She still very stubbornly refuses to say Mama…. but has on occasion called Scoop “Scoopy”.  She also will though her hands into the air when you ask her how big she is “so big!” will clap and say “yayy” and will give you a high five if you ask.

She will bring things to you if you ask, and watches and mimics everything that she sees people do. Over the weekend we had my best friend and her three kids over. The 3 and 4 year old were taking her little balls and putting them inside the big easter eggs we had and closing them in. She watched them and after they left went and opened the eggs and took her ball back out, now she puts it back in and takes it out all the time. The boys also had a little travel etch a sketch drawing board. Annie loved it. We went and got her one of her own and she has figured out how to hold the little pencil thing and scribble on the board. It is amazing how fast her mind works.

On Saturday we had her Christening and birthday party. She laughed through the first part of her Christening , then cried through the second half. She recovered nicely for the party though. She liked the cake, but didn’t really get into the messy smashing it part. She had a plastic spoon and kept sticking the handle into the cake then putting the empty spoon part into her mouth and going “mmmmmmmm”  So funny since she wasn’t really eating any!

Sunday we went to the zoo. They have a big aviary full of parakeets that you can feed with these little seed sticks. Annie loved them. I think she wanted to take one home with her.

Today she had her 12 month appointment. 29″ ( 70th percentile) 22 1/2 pounds ( 70th again) All is going well with her. I think I want to find a new pediatricians office though. I feel like they don’t really listen to me and don’t get where I am coming from as a parent. I need to find a better fit. Hopefully before her next appointment.

Some pictures of my big girl

future best friends like our moms


family Christening picture




hmm... this is interesting




I like birdies!


can I take him home?



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