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growing pains

Annie is growing again. She seems to be getting growing pains in her legs. She will stand on one leg and kick the other one repeatedly while whining, and in the middle of the night is waking up screaming thrashing her legs and kicking. Rubbing her legs seems to stop her misery for a while, so I think it is just that her legs are growing again.

Other than that she continues to  be her rambunctious self. She loves to talk and sing. The other day I was on the phone with my mom and Annie had something desperate to tell me. She came up and started babbling away a mile a minute, every so often changing her inflection like she was asking me something, then pausing to wait for my reply. My mom commented that it sounded like we were having a real conversation. I told her we were…. it just wasn’t in English. I am never sure when I answer her though if I have just agreed to buy her a car for her 16th  birthday or given her permission to shave the cat.

Put on any music though and you are guaranteed a show. She loves to “sing” along and dance and jump and clap.

She continues to love animals. We went to visit some friends and got to see their chickens, goats, sheep and a baby pot belly pig. Annie loved the pig. She laughed and laughed and stood there calling “piggy! Piggy!” every time he would walk away from her. Then she found the watering pipe out at the farm. After that forget the animals…. it was all about the water. Considering it was 90 degrees and the water was cold right out of the well, I couldn’t blame her. She was soaked and she was thrilled. It was a very good day for her.

Annie and "piggy" ( Oliver)


laughing at the pig


the water pipe


chatting with Aunt Michelle at father's day dinner.



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