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14 months and the cousins come to visit

My little noodle is 14 months old now.  She is a bundle of joy and energy. The other day I was reading my email on the laptop while Annie was playing with her toys on the floor. Next thing I look up and she is looking me STRAIGHT IN THE EYE! The little stinker had climbed ON TOP of the coffee table and was standing on it grinning at me. I took her down and she turned and climbed right back up. Now the coffee table is home to the huge box of diapers from c–tco so she can’t get up there. Think the table my have to be relocated for now.

Her language and comprehension is also taking off. She repeats the last word of every sentence you say. Sometimes several times. Items you name for her come up randomly days later correctly identifying objects. She also is really good at following simple instructions. This has come in handy. She loves to join you in the bathroom. I miss days of peeing alone sometimes. She will bring you whatever treasure she has procured at the moment…. ball… elmo…. cracker. Now if I tell her to go show it to the dog she will happily take off to share with Murphy leaving me thirty seconds of peace – til she returns with the next thing of course.

She still loves her Murphy. She shares all her food and snacks with him. Good thing I am not too much of a germaphobe. She will eat off her spoon, put more food on it for the dog, put it in his mouth to feed him ( he has become every proficient at eating off utensils now) then put it back in her mouth before I can stop her. Oh well it makes them both happy.

The past two weeks my niece and nephew have been up from Georgia. Annie is in love with her cousins. She can’t seem to say Morgan so she is G’Gin. They are 10 1/2 and are so good with her. She is going to miss them tons now that they went home. While they were here we went to the Bronx Zoo and to Great Adventure. It poured rain at the zoo, but Annie still had a great time. She loved GA. I think her favorite ride was the kids spinning teacups. She would laugh louder the more they spun. When it would be over she would say “wheeee ride!” It was very hot that day and she loved splashing in the water area too. She was soaked and thrilled. Saturday we are going to a 4-H fair. Annie should love it with all the animals.

my first attempt at pigtails

looking at animals with Connor

riding in the rain with Mama


on the ferris wheel with Connor and Mama

K and Morgan

Look at all the balls!!!

riding the carousel

Mama and I love our tie dyes



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