Christmas followup

We survived the long road trip home to Minnesota and back. Annie was a champ in the car. She really only cried when there was a problem. She got carsick three times ( ewww) and for some reason would soak all the way through a diaper in 2 hours.  So there were a lot of unscheduled stops along the way, but it all went pretty well.

Christmas at home was great. I love spending time with my family. I feel like I can really decompress there.  We spend a lot of time doing nothing, but it is perfect and relaxing and just what I need.

I think we ruined Annie for presents though. There were presents out before Christmas that she was very interested in. When she would try to open them we would tell her no no… those aren’t for you. So then when Christmas came and we tried to get her to open her gifts she would yell ” no no!!!!” and run away. Even as we got her to open them she would tear a small piece then yell ” no” over and over. It took us three days to get her stuff opened.

She did make out like a bandit however. I thought she would really love the baby dolls that she got ( 2 of them) but they have pretty much been ignored. She does like the ones stroller though. She pushes it into the dog. ( poor Murph) She was very into her crayons and markers, her drum, and her mega blocks. She doesn’t build anything, just dumps them on the floor and rolls around in them. She will also help you pick them up and put them back in their bag, but only so she can redump them again as soon as you are finished. My living room looks like a demolition zone.

She was also totally in love with the piano at my parents house. She would climb up onto the bench and serenade us several times a day.  She really is a musical kid. My dad gave her an old electric keyboard we had in the house and she is really enjoying that now that she doesn’t have the big piano.

All in all it was a great Christmas.  Hope it was for all of you as well.

my big girl with her little keyboard. This is my parents basement, ignore the mess


Christmas day


you mean I can open it??? "NO!!!"


concert number 382


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  1. wishinghopingpraying

    Aww, cute pics! I am so glad you got to go home and relax. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

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