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a new addition

We knew we wouldn’t stay dogless for long.

Originally when we lost Murphy, Scoop said we could get another dog when Annie turned 5. Then it was we can get a dog in a year. Then it was 6 months. Then it was after softball season. Then it turned into… I sent you a link to a dog in your email.

We looked at our favorite animal rescue website and saw a few dogs. There was one we both mentioned but ruled out because he was a puppy. No puppies for us… only adult dogs.

So saturday we went to meet a 2 year old female dog at an adoption event. I had been emailing the foster mom and it looked promising. But then she never showed.

however the foster mom with the puppy was there. And he was very bit as adorable in person.

Guess who has a new home. Meet Seamus…

He is a 6 month old pitt bull mix. He is darling and very very sweet. He loves chasing a ball, giving kisses and treats. He does really well with our cats when they don’t run. If they run he chases, but he  gives up when you tell him no and comes right back to you. He is super gentle when taking treats from your hand ( way better than any of my other dogs have been).  He loves Annie and wants to play with her and sit with her and give her kisses, but right now that love is not returned.  She brings him toys , but doesn’t want him near her. She also gets possessive of us when he is around. ” MY Mommy…. MY Mama”

I think they will settle in together in a little time.

Wish us luck.



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this weeks funny moments

First the not so fun one. Got a call from the vets office to tell us we could come pick up Murphy’s remains. I couldn’t even finish the phone call before I was sobbing on the phone. One reason among many I love my vet’s office. She very sweetly told me I didn’t need to hurry in . They would hold on to him until I was ready. Scoop is going to go on her way home from work tonight. They don’t need me sobbing in the lobby again.

So to cheer myself up I will share two of my favorite Annie moments from the week.

We are always working on please and thank you. She is pretty good , but needs some reminders. Usually I just tell her to say please. Two days ago she asked me for more juice. I replied ” what’s the magic word?” Her face scrunched up and she thought about it for a minute. Then with a big smile she said ” hocus pocus!!!”  I was laughing so hard I could barely pour the juice.

Scoop and Annie have their own conversations while I am sleeping that come out in odd ways. When Annie is tired of me during the day she says ” bye bye Mommy” and goes upstairs to her room. On Monday she went to the bottom of the stairs, turned, and said ” bye bye Mommy…. have fun storming the castle!”  Apparently the rest of my family have princess bride conversations when I am not around.

I am so lucky to have this girl who can make me smile through my tears.

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my child is so advanced….

we are even hitting the terrible twos early. This is an area I was hoping we would be behind in …. hopefully WAAAYY behind. Nope. The TT’s have hit our house with a vengeance.

Most common phrases in our house right now…

No Mommy… I do it!

No way

yucky/ icky ( with regards of any food I want her to eat)

No no NO!

Of course from time to time my sweet cooperative girl pops through. Those are the moments that keep me from climbing up the walls and clinging to the ceiling with my fingernails.

The other morning she gets up and looks at Scoop and says ” super hero Mama” I told her that yes, Mama is a super hero. Then she pointed at me and said ” super Mommy” then to herself ” Super Princess Annie” .  Guess just being a super hero isn’t enough for my girl.. she has to be a princess too.

She is a brave soul who seems fearless in most pursuits. We went roller skating for the first time last week. She held my hand for all of about a minute. Then it was all ” no Mommy… I do it” and off she went. She fell a few times and got right back up ( with some help from Mommy) and went right back to it. I hope she always keeps that gung-ho spirit.

This girl has things to accomplish… can’t wait to see how far she goes.

And thank you to everyone on the kind word on Murphy. It is a little empty and lonely in our house right now. Annie keeps asking for Murphy which breaks our hearts all over again. We will get through it  and our lives are better for having had him be a part of them.

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I don’t think I have any tears left…

yet they keep coming.

This evening we will be saying goodbye to our beloved Murph. It has reached the point where it is no longerin his best interest to have him here. He is tired and ready to move on to a better place with no pain where he can jump around like a kangaroo ( which he used to do when he was younger – one time he nearly took out our ceiling fan!) and run and play.

He hasn’t been eating and can no longer get up on his back legs without help.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better dog for my daughter to start her life with. He was always so gentle and patient with her. He blessed our family in many ways.

God speed Murph… you are loved and will be terribly missed.


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sad tonight

I have that hurt tonight that others know all too well.

I found out another friend is pregnant.

I think this one hurts because this is a friend I went through my  pregnancy with. We both had first pregnancies around the same time that didn’t end up with babies , then we both got pregnant again and her daughter is 6 weeks younger than mine.

Now she is pregnant again and I never will be.

I hate feeling like this.


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