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my child is so advanced….

we are even hitting the terrible twos early. This is an area I was hoping we would be behind in …. hopefully WAAAYY behind. Nope. The TT’s have hit our house with a vengeance.

Most common phrases in our house right now…

No Mommy… I do it!

No way

yucky/ icky ( with regards of any food I want her to eat)

No no NO!

Of course from time to time my sweet cooperative girl pops through. Those are the moments that keep me from climbing up the walls and clinging to the ceiling with my fingernails.

The other morning she gets up and looks at Scoop and says ” super hero Mama” I told her that yes, Mama is a super hero. Then she pointed at me and said ” super Mommy” then to herself ” Super Princess Annie” .  Guess just being a super hero isn’t enough for my girl.. she has to be a princess too.

She is a brave soul who seems fearless in most pursuits. We went roller skating for the first time last week. She held my hand for all of about a minute. Then it was all ” no Mommy… I do it” and off she went. She fell a few times and got right back up ( with some help from Mommy) and went right back to it. I hope she always keeps that gung-ho spirit.

This girl has things to accomplish… can’t wait to see how far she goes.

And thank you to everyone on the kind word on Murphy. It is a little empty and lonely in our house right now. Annie keeps asking for Murphy which breaks our hearts all over again. We will get through it  and our lives are better for having had him be a part of them.


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