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2 year checkup

Annie is 28 pounds and 34 1/4 inches. That puts her in the 65% for height and the 70th for weight.  She told the doctor ” Annie be two” when asked. I think our ped was a little surprised that she answered. Usually after the sickness of last year all we got were terrified screams while at the peds office. Then she went up to the doctor all wide eyed and shaking and told her ” there is a scary monster”. No idea where that came from.

Needless to say she met all her developmental milestones.


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Annie be two

That is the new phrase in my house. My little noodle turned two. I can not believe how fast the past two years have gone. I looked back at pictures from a year ago and wonder where that baby went.

Annie is a bright, shining ball of energy and attitude. She is smart and loves to put together corrolations. The other day she was watching a matching game with mice on TV. She was looking at it with this scrunched up face and I thought she was working out the puzzle which should have been easy for her. Then she turned and looked at me and said ” Mommy, mice are like mouses” She hadn’t yet learned the plural of mouse and couldn’t figure out why they were referring to a group of  “mouses” as anything else.

She also likes to compare things. She will tell me giraffes have spots and zebras have stripes, but the giraffe is the tallest.

She sings entire songs and her alphabet. She is very consistent in using her please, thank  you, and no thank you and is working now on you’re welcome. She is quick to say bless you when someone sneezes. She worries about babies crying when we are out. She wants to know why they are sad.

She is also becoming more social. She no longer clings to Mommy and Mama in new situations, but explores her environment and chats with people she doesn’t know.

She and the new dog Marley are getting to be buddies too. She is not afraid of her, and will tell her ” Marley ( which is the one word she has trouble with… she calls her Marr arr reee) leave my _____ ( apple, bear, phone) alone!”  This is a step up from when she used to cry with Seamus near her.

She still loves her blanket and needs it to sleep. Being it is the quilt my Grandma made for me when I was a little girl, I kind of hope she never outgrows wanting it.

She is sweet, stubborn and funny. I love this child so much it hurts.

happy birthday my little noodle.

kisses and giggles with Marley and "Blanket"


my beautiful 2 year oldwatching for Mama at the door with Kayleigh


rollerskates for my birthday! YaY!

Annie was all about the cake at her party. All she wanted for her birthday was cake and balloons. She had plenty of each. :o)

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