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what I did on my summer vacation


So I guess I didn’t update anything since last May. Eeek. Things have been busy chasing around with Annie and I have spent most of my summer pretty sick so now it is time to play catch up. I will see if I can go back and do some posts in the next few days about what we have been up to.

June was just a getting into the summer swing of things. We got a membership to our localish zoo so we did quite a few trips out there to hang with the animals. We have learned many of their names ( Megan the leopard, Chief the bull, Dante the horse etc) Annie continues her obsession with animals. She devours any books about animals and can identify literally over 100 animals. She can tell you the differences in puffers and penguins, geckos and chameleons, all the big cats. It is actually a little scary. She pops up with trivia – pandas eat bamboo, lemurs have a ringed tail. I think we have a budding zoologist on our hands.

At the end of June/ beginning of July we went on another road trip. First to Michigan to see my best friend and her kids, then on to my parents house in Minnesota for a week. It was quite an adventure spending several days in the car with Annie and Marley. Everyone travelled pretty well though – mostly through driving all night so that they slept.

visiting another zoo while in Michiganour family on July 4th

drumming on our way to see the lion exhibit

The rest of the pictures from Michigan have Melissa’s kids in them so I won’t put them here. 

Then we went off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Annie had a great time. We went to yet another zoo. See a common theme to our summer? Annie got to play on the trampoline at my parents neighbors house. Even Mommy got in on that fun. We also made our regular trip to the Mall of America while we were out there. The aquarium  and theme park in the middle of the mall are a great way to kill time with a toddler.

showing grandpa the water lilies at the zoo

checking out the giraffes - first time seeing them live

wordpress ate the rest of this post then the followup post as well. I will finish it for the third time soon


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