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Anyone else with wordpress? It is eating half of each post – combining all my pictures into one. I am not happy. Everytime I make a post half of it disappears when I post it – go back in and poof…. it is all gone.


I am tired of it.

any suggestions where to go?


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Getting ready for christmas part 2

I’ve been trying to do some Christmas crafts with Annie this year. I am so loving her getting excited for Christmas. We made some salt dough ornaments for our tree. It was a lot of fun. Annie especially loved playing in the flour and squishing the dough. She helped cut them out, then we let them dry and a couple of days later we painted them.

Ignore her hair and jammies. Easier to do crafts early in the morning before bathing and getting dressed. Makes clean up so much easier.


Annies handprint




making a modern art printpretty tree.