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How do I get so behind?

Too much going on and I get behind again!

All is going okay here. This nice weather has been so great. Lots of time at the playground. We have started looking for a playset for our yard for this year. My goodness are those things expensive!  We think we have decided on one but are putting another week into looking before we finalize. Lots of places have good sales going on til April 1st so we are still on the hunt.

March is always a busy month for our family celebrating being Irish. We attend a beautiful mass and a St Pats parade that we march in as a family.

Annie at mass

After Mass we moved to the parade line up. Annie got to pet one of the horses that was pulling the WF stagecoach. I think it was the high point of her day.

Annie got to make an Irish bear at build a bear for the parade day. ( she also has the annual Irish bear they put out – but that one stays home with all the ones she has from the year I was pregnant with her on) She loves her bear and took her along for the whole day.

Moira the bear

Annie even brought her bear up to the altar after mass so she could show her bear to God.  Unfortunately the fresh air and early wake up meant Annie spent most of the parade like this…

After the parade we went to a local Irish resturant for lunch and live music. Annie has decided she wants to play the bagpipes. Carol is still pushing her for the drums.

Now back to enjoying this beautiful weather!


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