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A beautiful Day

We spent Saturday at the Bronx Zoo. It was so beautiful. The weather was perfect 78 with a nice breeze. Annie was having good behavior all day. A nice break from the terrible twos almost threes breakdowns that pop up out of no where.

We have been having a lot of discussions on behavior. It is actually to the point where she will ask me ” mommy… am I having good behavior?” I guess that means that talk happens A LOT. Hopefully it is making a difference.

Anyway… back to the zoo….

hanging in a birds nest

checking out the alligator

We got to see all of Annies current favorites including zebras, giraffes and emus. Yes… emus. My kid has odd taste in animals. She even told me she wants to go to Australia to get a pet emu for her Aunt Jen. Not so sure how Aunt Jen would like that.

Can you hear me now?

WordPress keps eating my text and moving my pictures . I am trying to fix it. Then they break it worse.

The little girl behind Annie is holding food Annie gave her. I am not sure if Annie was trying to share goat feeding or if she was thinking the girl needed a snack. We also had a lot of quality time as a family.

hanging with Mama


time with Mommy

Pure Happiness



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