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a funny story

We spent the beginning of the week up in Cooperstown, NY watching my nephew play baseball. The games were great… I was amazed at how well 12 year olds play. It was better than a lot of major league games I have seen.

Anyway. Our niece came up with her brother and we were lucky enough to have her stay with us while we were there.  Annie was over the moon to have Morgan there. I think she may have even slightly usurped the position of favorite person ever which is currently held by our cousin Cillian who is over from Ireland.

My niece is 12 and wants to be a vet when she grows up.

The following conversation had me in stitches.

M to A:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

A:  A veterinarian

M: Me too

A:  No. You can be my nurse.

She was so matter of fact about it , it was hilarious. Nothing like a 3 year old to put you in your place.

The kids will be back in Jersey for 2 weeks the middle of next month. Can’t wait for more cousin time.

Annie and her “nurse” Morgan


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